Rodada en La Plata y en el Partido de La Costa,

Aguas Verdes (Argentina , 89´, 35 mm, Febrero del  2009) es una coproducción entre Mariano De Rosa, Ruda Cine y Rizoma Films  y fue realizada con el apoyo del  INCAA (Proyecto ganador del Concurso Primeras y Segundas películas 2004) y de la Universidad del Cine.   


Cuenta con la participación de Alejandro Fiore, Milagros Gallo, Diego Cremonesi y Julieta Mora, entre otros y ha sido rodada en la Ciudad de La Plata y en el balneario de Aguas Verdes.


Aguas Verdes participó y participará de los siguientes Festivales Internacionales:





Film Review: Green Waters

By Neil Young, febrero 10, 2009 09:03 ET

Raucously intense tale of family paranoia announces an audacious new talent from Argentina.

Berlin International Film Festival -- Forum

BERLIN -- A family beach holiday turns into a nightmare of paranoia for a stressed-out dad in "Green Waters," a startling debut from writer-director Mariano De Rosa. Bold, fresh and vibrant, the picture is a pleasantly surprising change of pace from what we've come to expect from younger Argentinean art-cinema. Indeed, with only a couple of minor tweaks here and there, you'd have a pretty broad, mainstream comedy.

This tangily offbeat combination of moods and genres won't be to all tastes, and may well polarize audiences and critics alike, restricting its commercial potential. But it would be a major shame if such an accomplished and distinctive effort merely remained a cultish find among film-festival attendees....

...Taking its title from the name of the resort where most of the action unfolds, "Green Waters" ("Aguas Verdes") isn't exactly subtle. Indeed, De Rosa -- shooting on pungently colored Super16 -- seems as much influenced by 1970s horror/thriller/crime cinema as the more classy forebears (Pasolini's "Theorem" and Fellini's "La Dolce Vita") he dutifully cites in his press notes. ..

...He amps up sequences of excruciating social awkwardness to the very edge of absurdity -- with sometimes hilarious results, and without crossing the line into the camp or cheesy. It's a giddy, risky balancing-act, and there aren't that many directors out there, regardless of age or experience, with the nerve to attempt it and the skill to pull it off with such aplomb.